The Remnant

Treatment Excerpt for Boanerges Studios, 2005

The History: The New Cold War and The Great Collapse (Rev. 6)

A new nuclear threat emerged as two rouge nations formulated a united alliance against western civilization (vs.1-2). Spurring violent political tension, the United Nations divided, thrusting the majority of the world superpowers into isolation, birthing the New Cold War. With tensions mounting, the world trade market dissolved as the global economy continued to decay (vs.3-4). Suddenly, the button was pushed–

The nuclear exchange lasted only seconds, ending millions of lives within a heartbeat. The stronger nations, replete with early-warning defensive systems, managed to significantly diminish casualties with defensive air-to-air missile strikes. For the strong, it was the time of momentary relief, but for the weak, absolute desolation (vs. 5-6). Not long after, radiation sickness began its course: millions of acres lay to waste, contaminated. Famine racked the Earth as its inhabitants began bloody skirmishes. Governments struggled to maintain order in the chaos, but resources bled dry as social and economic systems broke down (vs. 7-8).

Then it happened.    

The foundations of the Earth shook (v. 12) as entire cities were swallowed up. Casualties were estimated in the millions as the Great Quake registered at a projected magnitude of 12.7 all around the globe. And, as if Heaven itself were torn apart by the quake, such a display of terror dropped upon the Earth, the likes of which have never been seen before. 

The thunder of the meteorites (v.13) split the sky as they pounded the Earth. Mountains were leveled and millions of souls were incinerated. The dirt and ash driven into the air choked out the sun (v. 12) as the Earth spiraled into a retching, global storm. Some of the meteorites plunged into the ocean; however, only the largest islands were not destroyed by the 120-foot tidal waves (v. 14). Then, as suddenly as the events had started, the Earth was still. 

In the silence, mankind flew into chaos, shattering the last of the governmental systems. Theirs was a world they did not know or recognize. The horrific destruction led to complete anarchistic panic, birthing the Great Collapse. 

Civilization, globally, was dead. 

Seeking survival, the human race collected around the few leaders willing to step forward. Each of these people-groups splintered, forming a patchwork of territories around the globe; however, the territories were by no means efficient or equal. Skirmish continually broke out among mankind, thrusting them further into isolation and hatred, where it remains today: haunted by events too horrible to imagine, but too terrific to ignore…

Some sought scientific explanations for the disaster: the Earth’s inner core started spinning more rapidly, causing the Great Quake and increasing the Earth’s magnetic pull. A nearby cluster of asteroids was caught in the magnetic field, sucking them to Earth. Others knew the Prophesies, and that final judgment had begun. They turned their faces to heaven and wept for salvation. Still others, knowing the Prophesies, hardened their hearts and held great pride. They instead turned away, and sought salvation within themselves, believing with all their might that the human race would survive. 

Unknown to the world, a monster was rising from the ashes…