Great Men of History

TBN Networks, 2011 http://www.youtube.c ... ture=share

Join enigmatic host Chappy Duckfeet as he delves behind the scenes of TBN's hit gameshow, Virtual Memory.


The Adventures of Megabyte Man

TBN Networks, 2006 https://vimeo.com/megabyteman

Megabyte Man, the Internet’s zaniest Superhero for the Computer Age, battles through the clutches of the evil Virus to save television’s most popular gameshow…and the world.

Feature Film

Area 52: The Feature


Full feature presentation.


The Adventures of Megabyte Man: The Feature


Megabyte Man, the world's zaniest virtual superhero, hunts down the evil Virus, while holding fast to his only dream: to become real.


Escape Route


The harrowing space epic adapted from acclaimed Sci-Fi novelist Peter Hamilton for Producer Derek Spears.


Gaming Narrative

The Remnant

Treatment Excerpt for Boanerges Studios, 2005

The End is upon us. Heaven pours its wrath upon the Earth, heralding the immanent, final days of mankind.

New Media

Good Medicine

A Few Small Doses of Sketch Comedy, 2014

A frothing petri dish of zany characters, blinding randomness and 10 essential vitamins and minerals, "Good Medicine" brings uproarious sketch comedy under the knife with the comedic malpractice of Jamie Alexander.

The Tale of Sir Bobalot

An Animated Musical Webisode, 2010 http://youtu.be/9FXzoz3vSGE

Sir Bobalot embarks on an epic quest to save his maiden from the clutches of a fire-breathing serpent...but not without the help of three singing faeries.

In Development

Area 52

An Independent Television Series, 2014 http://www.area52theseries.com

With clueless enthusiasm, four friends probe the boundaries of the paranormal, solidifying their friendships as they unwittingly uncover startling answers amidst a universe of mysteries.



Treatment for Feature Screenplay, 2014

Excerpt from the treatment for the second feature adaptation from Sci-Fi novelist Peter Hamilton.


Pickenin's Rock

A Fable for CGI Animation, 2014

Follow your heart, and find true love in the most unexpected of places.

Agent: ANGEL

Treatment for Feature Screenplay, 2014

Roy, a failing toy-developer cursed with bad luck, unwittingly saves his own Guardian Angel, and finds himself whisked into recruitment service within the ranks of the Supreme Guardian Angel Service, bringing him to terms with his own faith, hope and love.