The Adventures of Megabyte Man

TBN Networks, 2006

The World Wide Web. It pulses with the lifeblood of confidential knowledge from every end of the Earth. Bank accounts, National Security Records, and recipes for Grandma Patty’s nummy cheese casserole. With this endless sea of information, knowledge truly is power. But in the wrong hands, this power can be used against us in ways too terrible to imagine…

Deep below the Earth’s surface lurks the Web’s darkest foe: The Virus, a monster so vile he will stop at nothing until the world lies in his evil clutches. Now, the world’s only hope is found in the greatest superhero of the Computer Age: Megabyte Man! With massive information storage, instant recall, and electronic displacement, can this crime-fighting supercomputer overcome The Virus and uphold Justice on the World Wide Web?

It’s time to ‘Plug In, and Power Up’ to The Adventures of Megabyte Man!