Treatment for Feature Screenplay, 2014

Suzi, Greg and Teddy follow Angie to a massive parking structure in the medical district of the city. The crew parks the surveillance van on the street, adjacent to the structure, as Greg follows Angie up the garage to observe and intercept the possible exchange.

I've got eyes-on-- 

A Merc convoy pulls into the structure. Several vehicles slide to a halt, surrounding a horrified Angie. Greg watches as Angie hands the Team Leader a USB drive. Steadying himself, he probes the Merc brains for information. Suddenly--

What the hell--?! 

Greg turns to a small team of Mercs that have entered from a stairwell. Instantly, Greg engages--

He leaps forward, planting his foot in the face of the nearest Merc. Wrenching the weapon from him, Greg turns it on the two Mercs following, and mashes the trigger. A fully-automatic ribbon of lead rakes the two Mercenaries, almost severing them in half. He empties the remaining clip into the Merc holding his broken face on the ground. The concussive claps of the ballistic rounds echo through the garage like thunder, spinning the entire convoy to Greg's position. 

Horrified, Angie crawls into her car as two mercenaries in heavy-armor battle suits emerge from the convoy. Within steps, they grip her car by the bumper and force the vehicle through the retaining wall of the garage. Encased in her car, Angie can only scream as she plummets to her death on the pavement below. The second heavy-armor soldier spools his mounted guns to speed. Then--

All hell breaks loose. 

Uranium-depleated rounds chew into concrete and parked vehicles as the heavy armor strafe the garage in an attempt to destroy Greg. 

In the surveillance van--

Suzi pounds an access code into an interior storage unit. The rolling door ascends revealing a pair of their own heavy-armor. 

Up in the garage--

Greg utilizes the multiple parking levels to his advantage, creating a deadly cat-and-mouse-game-where-the-mouse-kills-the-cat. Just when Greg's exhaustion is at its peak, Teddy and Suzi join the fray. As they systematically cut down the remaining foot soldiers--

Suzi turns her sights on one of the heavy armor suits zeroing in on Teddy. She buries a volley of HE rounds into the carapace of the heavy-armor, blasting the exoskeleton limb-from-limb. Teddy turns, and through the burning remnant of the mercenary armor, sees the second armored unit behind Suzi, taking aim at a semi-unconcious Greg. Greg! Move!

But it's Suzi that leaps to action-- 

She hurls her armor in front of the Mercenary's spinning vulcan cannon just as the Merc fires-- 

Suzi's suit absorbs a full compliment of uranium, blasting into her power armor. Greg rolls clear of Suzi's mech-unit, falling through a hole in the ground, toward the level below. 

As he falls, time moves to liquid. Almost without effort, Greg finds Suzi's consciousness, and makes a fleeting association. He's suddenly transported to--

An east-coast beach.

A breeze whips over the dunes, tussling clumps of sea-oats. Greg and Suzi walk, hand-in-hand through the dunes, and just as the beach peeks through the sand, she stops him and pulls him close--

I could be here forever… 

She kisses him, and the horizon churns suddenly, as if on fire. Suddenly--

Greg lands on a car as the parking structure shudders. Suzi's exoskeleton bursts into a raging inferno of molten metal, and Greg loses her forever. He tries to scream, but-- 

As the Mercenary's armor vaporizes under the terror of Teddy's guns, Greg falls into a deep unconsciousness.