The Adventures of Megabyte Man: The Feature


Feature Synopsis:

The 100th episode of the world’s greatest game show, The Impossible Challenge, begins. But when a mysterious stranger triggers a nuclear meltdown in the studio, Shelly Vaughn, The Impossible Challenge’s adorable host, goes missing. In the process of terminating the atomic disaster, a young inventor sustains a severe shock, transforming him into the newest superhero of the computer age: Megabyte Man!

Now, with the power to travel through the Web, and the help of two sparkling kid geniuses, Megabyte Man sets off to rid the Earth of its darkest foe: the Virus. Bent on world domination, Virus will stop at nothing until he enslaves all of humanity by broadcasting his mind-control device on The Impossible Challenge.

In a bitter race against time, Megabyte Man calls upon his heroic friends, stopping Virus from ending Shelly’s existence and ultimately taking over the world on international television. 

(Full script available.)